EURUSD, Bull purpose – 1.1508

Daily chart: Bulls were very confident yesterday, a barrier was grounded in the form of the middle band of the Bollinger, which abolished the workshop of the pierced lower envelope of the Bollinger, and it would be, respectively, to threaten the total trend turn up. Let’s not forget about today’s NFP, as well as about the meeting of strong resistance in the zone of the upper line of the Bollinger (1.1508).

H4: Local Upper Bollinger Envelope was broken, which will contribute to the further development of the ascending wave in the direction 1.1508.


H1: We note the working levels of support and resistance: 1.1421 and 1.1508 (the middle and upper bands of the Bollinger, respectively). We consider purchases from 1.1421.

Conclusions : Rollback to 1.1421, then height to 1.1508.


1. Shopping from 1.1421 to 1.1508.

2. Sales from 1.1508.