EUR / USD. The decrease in the fifth wave preserves a high probability.

The next trading day passed in the pacification and harmony of the forces of buyers and sellers. Such an alignment retains the relevant previously proposed wave scenario. According to it now, presumably, a downward impetus is formed in the final stage of its development. Simply put, it is expected to decline within the framework of the formation of the wave [5] of (c) of Y, after which all this design can be considered complete, which means there may be a turn and good growth of the euro course. Investment Idea: SELL 1.1300, Stop Loss 1.1325, Take Profit 1.1150. We will not torment you and just tell me that we have a trading strategy specially created for trading in December. For five years, it shows a yield of 48% – what you need before the holidays! The current situation in the markets shows that it is time to get involved in an active trading race. Take a special December strategy in three steps: 1. Top up a trading account in the amount of $ 100 or more until December 30. These funds remain on your account and fully at your disposal. for trading.2. Send to mail [email protected] account number you have replenished. Ready! You will receive a strategy in the PDF file format by mail immediately after consideration of the application.