EUR / USD: Movement up remains priority

Four-hour EUR / USD Couple Schedule. From the line of the Day Super Strend, the currency pair bounced up, but the medium-term priority protrudes with the development of a downward movement. This script will be relevant yet prices remain below the level of 1.1400. Trade Solution: SELL 1.1385 Take Profit 1.1292 In January, traders were faced with an indefinite, but very volatile situation in the markets – popular stock indexes were growing, then fell in value, the shares of the technological sector fell, and oil is moderately, but noticeable has rise in price. At such periods, it is especially important to know which tools can bring profits. Our analysts have collected Investportfel, who will smooth the anxiety and tell you about the profit tools of February. The expected portfolio yield can be 10%. How to get: 1. Top up the trading account in the amount of 90 USD to February 28, 2022 g.2. Send to mail [Email Protected] account number you have replenished.