EUR/USD. A bearish scenario remains relevant.

Another trading day from the point of view of a good directional movement turned out to be useless. The price remained on the same values ​​as a day earlier. At the same time, the same expectations of the further development of events remained.

, apparently, at the moment, the formation of the fourth wave in the descending impulse, which is part of the wave of III, is currently forming. Then, in the future, we will find the resumption of reducing the pair, during which the current minimum will be updated. The formation of the wave of the III will end and follow this formation growth due to the development of the wave of IV.

Thus, while the decrease looks most likely, it is recommended to take a closer look at the possibility of making transactions for sale.

Investment idea: Sell 1.0140, Stop Loss 1.0165, Take Profit 0.9990.