Earn from Forex affiliate programs: working ways

Earn from Forex affiliate programs: working waysPartner programs are now being launched in many types of business. The Forex market was not left out either, offering a variety of ways to get additional income. In fact, all such marketing projects are aimed at achieving quite a concrete result: attraction of new participants/consumers of the product being sold and dissemination of information about the project being promoted. And before earning on Forex affiliate programs, it would be good to start with what kind of cooperation will be most beneficial for you.Learn more about the best affiliate programs in the article: The most profitable affiliate programs in ForexForex affiliate programs: general informationIn the Forex currency market affiliate programs (online) are mainly represented by two types of affiliate programs, depending on the principle of formation of remuneration:1) CPA – (Cost Per Action) – attracting new clients and receiving a lump sum payment2) Revenue Share – Attraction of new clients with subsequent accrual of remuneration for their trading activities (% of spread or remuneration for lots).Both of these types of partnership programmes have their advantages and disadvantages.CPAAdvantages of CPA:

  • Lump sum payment
  • With a large number of clients attracted, the amount of lump-sum remuneration most often increases.

Shortcomings in CPA:

  • Payout only after reaching a certain level of trade turnover.
  • Only 4 out of 10 clients reach the established level of their trading turnover, at which the reward is paid.
  • Non-transparent trade tracking scheme – most often closed in partner offices

Revenue ShareAdvantages of Revenue Share:

  • The percentage of all clients’ trading is calculated regardless of their trading volume.
  • When their clients reach certain trading volumes, brokerage companies increase the commission percentage for you.
  • The potential of the attracted deposit is used. (Which can be as much as 100 USDtack and 10000 USD)
  • Remuneration during the whole period of the attracted trader’s work. (maybe a week or a year)

Shortcomings in Revenue Share:No sign of himConclusion:Affiliate programs with the type of remuneration formation – Revenue Share, much more flexible than with the type – CPA.The main undeniable advantage of Revenue Share is that it uses the potential of the attracted deposit, which can reach giant sizes, while CPA – does not take into account the size of the deposit. That is, a person who has attracted two accounts, one of which is 1000 USD, the other – 100000 USD, will receive, for example, 150 USD as a CPA reward for each of them, in case traders reach certain trading volumes (which can be put under doubt only for accounts with deposits less than 500 USD). And in the case of RevenueShare, you will be able to “milk” these bills throughout their lives.Choosing an affiliate program on Forex: Search for a brokerHow to earn on Forex affiliate programs? Already now hundreds of thousands of people are involved in this business, receiving not only profit from working in the foreign exchange market, but also a good passive income. And the international format of such cooperation makes it possible to bring Forex partners to an incredibly high professional level. As a result, all participants benefit: brokers who do not have to search for new clients on their own, and partners who can choose a convenient format of work.But for successful receipt of income from affiliate programs on Forex it is necessary to choose a broker with whom to cooperate. And it’s important to consider everything here. After all, each broker offers its own terms of cooperation for potential partners. Someone only requires registration with a simple form. And someone is ready to trust only partners who are ready to provide maximum information about themselves.Another important point is the calculation of remuneration and its volume. Some brokers offer their partners to prove their usefulness in action, starting to make payments only after a certain number of clients are attracted. And someone calculates the reward for literally every action: a click on an advertising banner, registration as a client, carrying out trading operations. Only the amount of payments will directly depend on the extent to which an active user audience will be able to attract a partner.How can you earn on affiliate programs of the Forex market?You can do that:1) Attract new clients using a special referral link. Moving on to it automatically assigns a new broker client to a certain partner, who will be rewarded for each active action of the referral in the future.2) Become a member of the program for the owners of their own sites and conduct active advertising activities for the benefit of a particular broker or organization. In this case, you can act through your own site – placing on its pages advertising banners, thematic materials, as well as specialized tools related to the subject of Forex, such as currency exchange rate widgets, news blocks, etc. The options of creating and promoting thematic groups in social networks and even the development of ready-made sites by partner participants are also considered. Remuneration in this case depends directly on the labor costs, and the larger and more successful the advertising campaign will be – the higher will be the income of the Forex partner. And in the long run, participation in such partnership programs can be made a source of permanent income by creating a large web portal that combines advertising and information functions and cooperates with the best forex brokers on a mutually beneficial basis.3) Become a certified Forex partner and be able to officially represent the broker’s interests in your city or region. In this case, the partner’s responsibilities will include such functions as increasing the volume of the client audience, introducing programs for training traders and consulting activities. As well as the implementation of services available at the Forex market. Before participating in such a partnership program only persons who have been trained and certified by brokerage companies are allowed to participate. And in most cases, such activities require obtaining the status of an individual entrepreneur. Of course, in order to become a full-fledged Forex partner, you will need to invest your own money. After all, in fact, you are becoming a part of the partner network of international scale and open your own business under the aegis of the world-famous brokerage brand.Also you will be interested in the article: Best multilevel affiliate programs Forex