Dax Scalping” system of short-term trading on financial markets

 The “Dax Scalping” system works on the principle of following the trend. It was originally designed for short-term trading with the Dax index, but it can also be used for other indices (S&P 500, Dow, FTSE, CAC40, MIB30) and major currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, USD/CAD). Of course, the best results will be on the indices, but not every broker gives such an opportunity. You can find out how to choose a forex broker on this site.Indicators for the Metatrader terminal were created specifically for this system. The “Confirm1” indicator represents two dotted lines of red and blue. It’s set on the main chart. In the first lower window of the terminal there is an indicator “Confirm2” consisting of one row of red and blue dots. The second window contains the “Confirm3” indicator. There are already two rows of red, blue and yellow dots. Yellow dots warn of a flute. If they show up, you can’t trade. The “Dax Scalping” system can be used in its purest form, or these three indicators can be used as filtering tools for other systems and trading methods. In that case, it will be very effective.Shopping rules are very simple:1. The blue line of the “Confirm1” indicator should cross the red line upwards2. The “Confirm2” indicator point should be blue3. Both points of the “Confirm3” indicator should be blue.The rules of sale are opposite:1. The blue line of the “Confirm1” indicator should cross the red line down2. The “Confirm2” indicator point should be red3. Both points of the “Confirm3” indicator should be red.In any case, a safety stop order is placed behind the nearest minimum or maximum, and several options can be used to exit the position. The main one is the opposite signal. That is, the trader ignores the appearance of single points of yellow and opposite colors. You can also set a fixed Take Profit or close a position at important levels, if known.Download system files