Binary options trading strategy by “CCI rnp” indicator

This strategy can be used to trade “High/Low” and “One Touch” binary options in Forex, CFD, stocks and futures markets. The MetaTrader terminal with a template and installed indicators is used for work. The system is based on the “CCI rnp” indicator with a period of 14 and levels from -190 to 190. The charts used in trading are 30 minutes, 1 hour and 4 hours. Expiration time: 180-240 minutes for M30 timeframe, 600 minutes for H1 timeframe, 1440 minutes for H4 timeframe.The main indicator of the “CCI rnp” system is a modified standard CCI. The indicator is displayed in the lower window of the terminal with a line with changing color. The settings add 190 and -190 levels to the settings. The “KG Targets Points” indicator is used to identify touch points and expiration dates. He draws four levels of support and resistance. The current targets are reflected in the upper left corner of the terminal.

To buy a Call option, you need to wait until the “CCI rnp” line becomes blue, falls to or below -190, and then crosses this level up or pushes away from it. We’re entering at the closing of the next candle. Targets for touching are defined by the two levels of “KG Targets Points” at the top. The first level is less risky, but also less profitable, and the second level is more profitable and risky. The probability of reaching the third level is low, but it is possible with an increase in the expiry date.

To buy a Put option, you need to wait until the “CCI rnp” line turns red, rises to or above the level of 190, and then moves away from this level down. We’re entering at the closing of the next candle. Touch targets are defined in a similar way to upward trading, but at levels below.It should be noted that the accuracy of the forecast increases with increasing timeframe. It is also important to know how to choose a broker to trade binary options.Download system files