Bank of Japan against raising bets

C , which should be paid attention to today:

15.30 Moscow time. USA: The number of bookmarks of new foundations for March.


Japan Bank once again announced that the time has not yet come to tighten the credit-money policy. “We need to continue the current soft policy, since inflation in Japan has not reached 2%,” Kurod said during a meeting at a meeting of one of the country’s parliament committees. Such a statement provoked another wave of devaluation Yena is against most competitors. In general, it is not surprising – now almost all the largest Central Bank of the world increase or think about increasing interest rates and only in Japan they continue to adhere to monetary rabies. Many traders thought that the mark 125 could become a “red line”, after which the Bank of Japan would intervene and begin to strengthen Yen, but in practice we did not see this. Thus, we are waiting for the continuation of the rising trend.

Trading recommendation: Buy 127.75/127.40 and Take Profit 128.35.