An interesting situation in the American mortgage market

Events, which should be paid attention to today:

15.15 Moscow time. Eurozone: meeting of the ECB.


after the USDX dollar basket has updated the maximum of Tuesday, investors began to close Longs on American currency, which caused technical correction. The USDJPY pair in the first half of the week demonstrated a powerful growth and also quickly began to decline on Long fixation in American currency. Of interesting news, a report on the mortgage market should be noted In the USA, where a 30-year loan rate reached 5.94%, which is a maximum of 2008. The situation on the real estate market in the United States begins to repeat in many ways the events of the 2000s, when, due to a cheap mortgage, housing prices have grown greatly for several years, after which the bubble burst and the crisis began. Due to the cheap mortgage 2020-2021 The cost of housing in the States also valued violently and now the bubble is inflated, while the mortgage is already 2 times more expensive and this process will gain momentum, since Federal Reserve plans in the fall Raise the account by at least 1%.

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